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Potosi, the Journey
Fragments - Jerusalem

Potosi, the Journey
Writer-DirectorRon Havilio
CameramanRon Havilio
EditingMela Marquez and Ron Havilio
Black and white still photography (1970)Ron and Jacqueline Havilio
Colour still photography (1999)Yael Havilio
Sound recordingNaomi Havilio
Sound post-productionJorge and Javier Stavropulos
Film laboratoryJ-J Stagnaro, Buenos Aires
ProducersRon Havilio, Patrick Sobelman

A Ron HAVILIO and EX NIHILO production
with the participation of:
  • ARTE France
    with special thanks to Thierry Garrel and Luciano Rigolini
  • the New Israeli Foundation for Cinema and Television
    with special thanks to David Fisher
with the support of:
  • the Centre National de la Cinematographie, France
  • the Soros Documentary Fund of the Open Society Institute, New York
    with special thanks to Diane Weyermann
  • Charles et Joan Goodman - through the Film Arts Foundation, San Francisco
and thanks to Conacine Bolivia

Israel, France - 2007
Colour and B&W - 35mm - 1:1.66
4 hours
Film version (24 fps): Film 1:130 min - Film 2: 116 min
TV and DVD version (25 fps): Film 1:125 min - Film 2: 111 min
Short version - in preparation

Dialogues in all versions: Spanish and Hebrew
version: French narration by Ron Havilio and French subtitles, 35mm print plus Digital format
English version: English narration by Ron Havilio and English subtitles, 35mm print plus Digital format
Spanish version: Spanish narration by Ron Havilio and Spanish subtitles, Digital format
Hebrew version in preparation
Polish version on Digital format, with Polish subtitles available at Gutek Films, Warsaw
Chinese version on Digital format, with Chinese subtitles
Japanese version: a 35 mm print of the English version subtitled in Japanese, available at theYamagata Film Archive (Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival)